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China and the dream of worldwide interconnectedness…

Chinese growth has been the main focus for the energy and finance industry all along 2015. In the end, the combination of a decreasing energy demand in the Middle Empire with the long discussed Saudi foreign policy (leveraging on oil output) led us to the present low-oil price environment. Nevertheless, considering China as world top […]

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Azerbaijan and Jordan, opposite karmas?

Oil price is weighing on the traditional credit ratings of producers. That is a fact. The last episode was last week when Standard & Poor’s downgraded Azerbaijan’s rating from BBB- to junk (BB+). The rational of this move is rather obvious: 95% of the Azerbaijani exports depend on oil and gas, and the current energy […]

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Industrial power prices vs levelized cost of electricity for onshore wind and solar, 2014/2015 ($/MWh)

High electricity prices for businesses and consumers in several emerging markets make renewable generation more cost competitive.

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance. ClimateScope 2015: The Clean Energy Country Competitiveness Index. November 23, 2015.



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