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United States

What do you know that we don’t, OPEC?

As you probably noticed all, the barrel price rebounded since mid-February, leading to a WTI crude rallying from USD 26.21/b (on Feb. 11th) to USD 41.50/b (on April 14th) and a Brent crude bouncing back from USD 30.06/b to USD 43.84/b. But in its Monthly Oil Market Report (MOMR) of April (see here), the OPEC […]

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Peabody Energy, the boat that rocked…

Restructuring… this was yesterday’s concept, this is today’s necessity, but that’s not enough. On Wednesday, St. Louis-based Peabody Energy Corporation filed for bankruptcy in the United States and was placed under Chapter 11’s protection. Founded in 1883 in Chicago by Francis Peabody, who was carrying coal on horse cart, the company became step by step […]

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The United States and the renewable energy jobs dilemma…

“We love green” is not only a music festival in Paris, it could also be the claim of E2, an American nonpartisan group of business owners that aims at protecting the environment while building economic prosperity. And like us, they promote the idea that green growth can exist in mature economies and that would happen […]

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Turkey-America: so you think you can dance?

A few weeks ago, we updated our key sensitivity factors on Beyond Ratings’ Turkey score to factor in the rising tensions between Ankara and Moscow. Indeed, despite a context of mutual dependency on energy matters, Turkey offering business outlets to Russian gas in the region, the Turkish army shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24M bomber […]

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Shale gas in Europe: you can check-in anytime you want… but can you kill the beast?

Importing shale gas from the United States to Europe? Twenty years ago, people would have called you loco and yet… On Wednesday, the Intrepid, a brand new 180m-long vessel was coasting the Rafnes Terminal, about 200 km southwest of Oslo (Norway), filled with c. 27 500 cubic meters of liquefied American ethane to be delivered to […]

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Lowering projections on low oil prices: a sound decision?

In its February release of its Short-term energy outlook, the American Energy Information Administration decided to revise downward its expectations for the global Brent crude contract for this year and for 2016. The new projections are now USD 34.28/barrel in 2016 and USD 40.09/barrel in 2017 (from the previous USD 37.00/barrel and USD 50.00/barrel). It […]

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Defense wins championship, Energy makes presidents?

The resignation of Thomas Piquemal was yesterday’s news, but it seems that leaving the office was also this week energy sector’s fashion as we learnt a few hours later that Tomas Gonzalez, Colombia’s Mines and Energy Minister, was handing his letter too. However, the reasons of his departure were significantly different as energy generation problems […]

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And then Leo spoke…

Leonard DiCaprio finally won his Oscar… After five unsuccessful nominations, he finally got to walk on stage and thank his parents for all they did for him. That is almost what happened…  This is what he said instead “Making The Revenant was about man’s relationship to the natural world. A world that we collectively felt […]

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America’s leaking gas and its spillover on Australia

The information was not confirmed this morning, but it leaked on the information network. The United States could have exported their first liquefied natural gas cargo from the brand new Sabine Pass terminal in Louisiana via an Asian Vision LNG tanker. This terminal was specially designed by the Cheniere Energy Company to export American gas […]

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The particular stance of Mexico in the oil game

Game’s on. Last week, many of the world’s top oil players attended and hosted the IHS CERAWeek in Houston. Microphones were on and it was about time to get further information on the major players’ opinions about the current market situation. Indeed, one of the most scrutinized talks was probably the Saudi oil minister Ali Ibrahim Al-Naimi’s comments after last week’s discussion between Saudi Arabia, […]

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