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public finances

Selling the crown jewels… till when?

Italy and Greece had paved the way in 2011 when the sovereign crisis hit hard. The governments conjured up the idea to sell national treasures such as islands or historical buildings. The idea was to raise the financial value of historical or natural assets as a collateral to debt. A short-sighted policy that was more […]

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Bridge loans or long-term catastrophes: the impact of low oil price

Low oil price environment is a curse for producers and the pressure Saudi Arabia puts on the global output is keeping the head of its competitors and partners (or so-called partners inside the OPEC) under water. Lately, this pressure started to be slightly too heavy for few of them. In the frontline: Azerbaijan and Nigeria […]

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Which Oil Producers Are Breaking Even?

Lower oil prices have made it a challenge for some countries to balance their budgets.

Source: Wall Street Journal. Which Oil Producers Are Breaking Even? 20 May 2015.

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