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public finance

El Niño: Feeling the heat

Latin American country ends a 15-year exile from the international debt market

Source:  FT, 2016/04/18

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IMF: Public Debt at Highest Point in 70-plus Years

Public debt has soared throughout the world’s advanced economies to the highest levels since World War II, the International Monetary Fund warned Wednesday, with many governments facing weak growth and declining prices for such commodities as oil and metals.

Source:  Voice of America, 2016/04/13

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German debt ratio sinking despite higher state spending

Solid growth and record employment will allow Germany to abide by EU debts rules sooner than forecast while still hiking overall state spending by five percent each year, the Finance Ministry said on Wednesday.

Source:  Daily Mail, 2016/04/13

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Britain Can’t Afford to Leave the EU

With the approach of its June 23 referendum, Britain is now mired in philosophical debates over whether to leave the European Union. Lost in all the noise, however, is a practical matter of paramount importance: Never has there been a worse time financially for the U.K. to consider such a move.

Source:  WSJ, 2016/04/05

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China’s debt explosion threatens financial stability, Fitch warns

China’s huge debt levels will weigh on growth over the next five years and could threaten the country’s financial stability unless policymakers rein in credit, Fitch has warned.

Source:  The Telegraph, 2016/04/06

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Italy raises 2017 deficit goal, sets up tussle with Brussels

Italy on Friday cut its forecasts for economic growth this year and next and raised its goal for the 2017 fiscal deficit, setting up a potential conflict with the European Commission. The Commission, already unhappy about Italy’s reluctance to make decisive cuts to rein in its huge public debt, has not yet signed off on […]

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Fiscal consolidation to deliver results next year

Saudi Arabia’s economic growth slump resulting from oil price decline is expected to bottom out in 2017, largely driven by revival in non-oil economic activity, fiscal consolidation efforts and stabilisation of Brent crude above $40 barrel according to analysts.

Source:  Gulf News, 2016/04/10

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Olivier Blanchard eyes ugly ‘end game’ for Japan on debt spiral

Japan is heading for a full-blown solvency crisis as the country runs out of local investors and may ultimately be forced to inflate away its debt in a desperate end-game, one of the world’s most influential economists has warned.

Source:  The Telegraph, 2016/04/11

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Argentina flags up risks ahead of bond sale

Marketing documents for Argentina’s multibilliondollar bond sale underscored its fraught relationship with creditors and history of default, as the country prepared investors for an offering as soon as next week.

Source:  FT, 2016/04/12

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Fitch: Wider Deficits Reduce Canada Public Finances Resilience

The wider deficits projected in Canada’s 2016-2017 federal budget do not imply dramatic deterioration in the sovereign’s debt trajectory, but will reduce public finances’ resilience to potential economic shocks, Fitch Ratings says.

Source:  Reuters, 2016/03/24

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