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public debt

Doha oil meeting ends without a deal to freeze production

Hopes on the part of investors, oil companies and oil exporting nations for a negotiated “freeze” in global output melted away on Sunday after 16 major petroleum producers meeting in Doha, Qatar failed to reach an agreement, possibly setting the stage for further weakness in crude oil prices.

Source:  The Washington Post, 2016/04/17

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Argentina’s return to markets several times subscribed

Latin American country ends a 15-year exile from the international debt market.

Source:  Financial Times, 2016/04/18

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A few words on the downgrades

Last Wednesday S&P downgraded several countries. Among these was Brazil, which fell from BB+ to BB. This marks the second time in less than six months that S&P has downgraded Brazil. After hitting junk status on September 9th 2015, Brazil now plunges further down.
 The Brazilian downgrade falls within the scope of rating revisions impacting oil […]

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Matteo Renzi vs the European Commission: ready to rumble?

Matteo Renzi, the Italian Prime Minister, does present today the new national budget for 2016. He will be followed by many of his European colleagues, but the fact that Italy bears the second most important public debt/GDP ratio in the Eurozone (after Greece, obviously) is kind of a catch for many European and non-European observers. […]

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Tickets sold for the Greek dra(ch)ma ?

Many had seen it coming but some still call it a surprise. Greece is indeed once again in trouble and the Tsipras-European Union discussions are looking more and more like an Ancient drama, or should I say a pantomime. Banks are closed for a week all over the country and the government wants to hold […]

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Let’s go to war !

« What we need is a ‘good’ war » has been a common say among nations facing national issues they were not able to solve. An international conflict was seen as a way to mobilize all energies, no one doubting that the war would be easy to win. Wars also require extraordinary financing mechanisms. The great depression […]

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IMF report on public debt: austerity remedy worse than the disease for the UK, the U.S. and Germany?

Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. This is the risk faced by a number of economies if they try to reduce their public debt at all costs, according to a recent report from the IMF. This does not mean that a cure is not needed. Current public debt ratios in advanced economies are […]

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Interest paid on public debt (% of GDP)

Source: IMF Data Mapper ®

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4 keys assessment of public debt levels

Four key assessments of public debt levels: absolute value, % of GDP, per capita value and % of world public debt (27 main countries)

Source: ABC. Is public debt a problem around the world? 24 March 2015.

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