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Mexico… Mexiiiiiiiiiiiiico…

Last week, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s took actions and decided to respectively downgrade the outlooks on China and Mexico. Regarding the Middle Empire, S&P turns out to be the second credit rating agency to make such a move in less than a month. We already discussed here that CRA’s moves on the Chinese giant […]

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The particular stance of Mexico in the oil game

Game’s on. Last week, many of the world’s top oil players attended and hosted the IHS CERAWeek in Houston. Microphones were on and it was about time to get further information on the major players’ opinions about the current market situation. Indeed, one of the most scrutinized talks was probably the Saudi oil minister Ali Ibrahim Al-Naimi’s comments after last week’s discussion between Saudi Arabia, […]

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2016: the Quasi-sovereign threat now considered?

Dealing with public debt is never easy. In most of the Western economies, the question is very sensitive as it conjures up the notion of sound public resources management, a.k.a. politics. Indeed, an endless list of debt metrics exists allowing every country to be excelling in at least one the categories. This is how reporting […]

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No Keystone, No Problem: TransCanada Turns to Mexico Expansion

Days after the U.S. spurned TransCanada Corp.’s proposal to expand its Keystone pipeline network across North America, Mexico opened its arms. TransCanada won the rights last week for its sixth pipeline in Mexico, one of the company’s key targets for growth. The Nov. 10 decision came four days after the U.S. denied TransCanada’s bid to […]

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Mexico Energy-Climate Risks Scorecard

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Mexico’s falling electricity rates draw manufacturers

A number of factors influenced the country’s slow but steady rise as a manufacturing hub for multinational corporations, including its membership in NAFTA, other trade agreements, cheap labor costs and its proximity to the United States. But observers point to another recent development that they see accelerating investment in Mexico and boosting economic productivity: Electricity […]

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Energy reform: will Mexico’s newest revolution boost renewables – or just fossil fuels?

As Mexico breaks up its energy monopolies and auctions off oil exploration areas, emerging players promise cleaner energy including natural gas and solar power.

Source:  The Guardian, 2015/06/02

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Mexico’s Energy Expansion to be Fuelled by US Natural Gas

Mexico is emerging as a key new marketplace for US natural gas, as government-backed reforms open up the country’s energy sector to foreign investment for the first time in more than half a century. ICIS energy market experts have highlighted this trend with the launch of a new report focused on Mexico.

Source:  MarketWatch, 2015/05/06

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Mexico’s energy regulators are hopeful the crude crash won’t spoil their first oil-rights auction

Mexican energy regulators on Tuesday expressed confidence that low oil prices won’t suppress activity as the country auctions exploration and production rights for the first time in more than 75 years.

Source:  Fuel fix, 2015/04/07

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Mexico Announces Ambitious Climate Target

Mexico promised on Friday that its emissions of greenhouse gases will peak by 2026 and then begin to decline, making it the first developing country to present a formal climate pledge under a United Nations process that is meant to rope in all the world’s nations, rich and poor.

Source:  Inside Climate, 2015/03/27

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