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Did you say crisis was looming in oil producing countries?

The oil shock is not only an energy issue… We already discussed in these columns the impact the collapse of energy prices could have on the banking system in the United States (See here for And what about banks?). We were precisely pointing out that the direct exposure of banks in America was rather limited […]

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Fitch: Irish Election Raises Uncertainty, Could Increase Risks

Ireland’s inconclusive general election does not alter Fitch Ratings’ expectation that the next government will pursue further deficit reduction. But protracted political uncertainty, an unstable government, or reliance on more radical political elements could be negative if they reduced the authorities’ ability to respond to downside fiscal or economic risks

Source:  Reuters, 2016/02/29

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Argentina Debt Deal Poised to Deliver Big Payday to Holdouts

Argentina has reached a preliminary agreement to end one of the longest and most contentious battles over government debt in history, potentially handing a big payday to hedge funds that held out for a decade and a half.

Source:  WSJ, 2016/02/29

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Iran’s election wasn’t about moderation or democracy. It was about how Iran will re-engage with the world.

Iran’s elections last week made this clear: Politics have changed in the Islamic Republic – and it was the nuclear deal with the West that made the difference. Since the beginning of Mohammad Khatami’s presidency in 1997 until last week’s parliamentary election, the Iranian political landscape was divided between reformists and conservatives. While reformists […]

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Pipeline strains set to cloud Canada climate change talks

Trudeau is under pressure both from environmentalists who want to curb oil sands production and western energy-producing provinces which say he needs to push through the construction of pipelines to take the crude to coastal ports.

Source:  Reuters, 2016/03/03

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U.S. Presidential election – No traction for climate change

Billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer has spent millions of dollars trying to make climate change a major issue on the 2016 campaign trail. But neither the candidates nor the voters seem to notice. After one of the Democratic presidential debates, Mr. Steyer issued a statement lamenting that the focus on climate change was “far too […]

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Hungary and Czech Republic hijacking the European funds?

Cooperation in the European Union is supposed to be a fundamental principle that should apply in every dimension of both international and national policy frameworks. Joining the Union is quite similar to signing a new social contract and implies moral rules and specific behaviors… or at least, it should. But the European Union status remains […]

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The Irish tiger on a diet

Given its consumption profile, Ireland is facing a major risk in its energy supply. Electricity second-level independence rate (Beyond Ratings’ measure of the combined dependences of the energy vectors in the power mix) did not even reach 40% in 2013. Furthermore, the share of fossil fuels in the power mix turns out to be massive […]

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South Africa and Brazil: 2015, the ‘annus horribilis’

Last week, two of the major credit rating agencies, namely Moody’s and Fitch Ratings, decided to revise their views on two countries of our coverage: South Africa and Brazil. We are frequently giving our own opinions here on these two countries that are offering very interesting energy profiles and we also happen to be rather […]

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Government effectiveness in 2013 (Worldwide Governance Indicators)

Source: World Bank – Worldwide Governance Indicators.

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