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Selling the crown jewels… till when?

Italy and Greece had paved the way in 2011 when the sovereign crisis hit hard. The governments conjured up the idea to sell national treasures such as islands or historical buildings. The idea was to raise the financial value of historical or natural assets as a collateral to debt. A short-sighted policy that was more […]

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EDF aid would be funded by state asset sales – French minister

Any injection of French government funds into EDF would have to be financed by selling stakes in other state-controlled firms to avoid raising public debt, Finance Minister Michel Sapin said on Friday.

Source:  Reuters, 2016/03/17

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France and Italy warned again on economic weakness

The European Commission warned France and Italy again on Tuesday (8 March) that their economic weaknesses risked destabilising the other EU economies.

Source:  EU Observer, 2016/03/08

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Monthly scoreboard, France and Canada on a slippery slope?

Last month, our monthly scoreboard took a closer look at North African countries and pointed out that our opinion on Algeria (EE-, with negative short-term and long-term outlooks) was likely to be downgraded in the coming months, due to the fiscal and economic burden of low oil price in the country. Governance is the pivotal […]

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France’s EDF to pursue UK nuclear plan despite CFO’s exit

French utility EDF said it would push ahead with a plan to build nuclear reactors in Britain, despite its finance director quitting over the risk he sees it poses to the company’s future. France and Britain also pledged their support for EDF’s 18 billion ($26 billion) Hinkley Point project in southwest England, which their leaders […]

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France prepared to extend life of nuclear reactors: energy minister

The French government is willing to support a 10-year extension to the life of the country’s nuclear reactors, operated by utility EDF, Energy Minister Segolene Royal told France 3 television on Sunday. Nuclear power provides about 75 percent of France’s electricity, but the industry has come under the spotlight since the 2011 Fukushima disaster in […]

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Public finances of 11 EU countries are at high risk in medium-term: EU

Eleven European Union countries including France, Italy and Britain face high risks to the sustainability of their public finances because even 10 years from now their public debt will still be high, the European Commission said on Monday. In a fiscal sustainability report, the European Union’s executive arm said Belgium, Ireland, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, […]

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France’s nuclear industry on back foot over new energy law

Designed to shift France on to a greener footing ahead of next week’s climate change conference in Paris, the adoption of a new energy law has instead alarmed the country’s powerful nuclear industry and raised fundamental questions about the country’s energy mix. The long-awaited energy transition law was finally passed with nearly 1,000 amendments and […]

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France And China Announce Major Climate Action Agreement

Four weeks before representatives from hundreds of countries are set to convene in Paris in the hopes of hammering out an international climate deal, France and China have publicly agreed that any successful deal must include five year check-ins to assess the progress made towards achieving long-term goals. French president François Hollande called the agreement […]

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International energy deals: China and Iran as new kids on the block?

Last week, Indonesian representatives were visiting Iran and on behalf of President Joko Widodo, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Sudirman Said, started negotiations involving an increased cooperation between Pertamina (the Indonesian energy top player) and an Iranian oil company. Concretely, the Islamic Republic and the most important Muslim country in the world should […]

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