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European Union

EU to discuss capping banks’ sovereign debt exposure -document

European Union finance ministers will discuss putting a cap on banks’ exposure to sovereign debt when they meet next week, an EU document said, confirming what officials told Reuters earlier this week.

Source:  Reuters, 2016/04/15

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German debt ratio sinking despite higher state spending

Solid growth and record employment will allow Germany to abide by EU debts rules sooner than forecast while still hiking overall state spending by five percent each year, the Finance Ministry said on Wednesday.

Source:  Daily Mail, 2016/04/13

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Italy raises 2017 deficit goal, sets up tussle with Brussels

Italy on Friday cut its forecasts for economic growth this year and next and raised its goal for the 2017 fiscal deficit, setting up a potential conflict with the European Commission. The Commission, already unhappy about Italy’s reluctance to make decisive cuts to rein in its huge public debt, has not yet signed off on […]

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Britain Can’t Afford to Leave the EU

With the approach of its June 23 referendum, Britain is now mired in philosophical debates over whether to leave the European Union. Lost in all the noise, however, is a practical matter of paramount importance: Never has there been a worse time financially for the U.K. to consider such a move.

Source:  WSJ, 2016/04/05

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Algeria selling the Crown jewels?

Is Algeria going to make it? After several months of collapsing oil prices, the question deserves to be addressed. The country, whose governance has been rightfully put into doubts, now seems to be moving in against the global trend. On February 29th, the Chief Executive Officer of the national hydrocarbon company Sonatrach, Amine Mazouzi, declared […]

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Moody’s sees no direct, immediate Brexit impact on other EU ratings

There would not be any direct or immediate rating impact from Britain leaving the European Union on any of the bloc’s other members, although some longer-term political risks may arise, the head of global sovereigns at Moody’s said on Thursday.

Source:  The Fiscal Times, 2016/03/10

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Norway Fears `Brexit’ May Hurt EU’s Energy Markets as Ally Lost

Norway risks losing a key ally in the European Union as Britain studies a possible exit from the 28-nation bloc. The U.K. has often fought for policies in Europe that help the Nordic nation, Norwegian Petroleum and Energy Minister Tord Lien said Tuesday in London. Britain has pushed for simpler and more competitive European energy […]

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Energy dependency in the European Union, 2014

Altogether, the EU was dependent on energy imports for 53.4% of its consumption in 2014, although energy dependence is highly variable among Member States. Estonia (8.9%), Denmark (12.8%) and Romania (17.0%), were the countries least dependent on energy imports, whereas Malta (97.7%), Luxembourg (96.6%), Cyprus (93.4%) were those most dependent on energy imports.
 Source: Eurostat. Energy […]

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Sovereign debt, energy and sovereignty – part 1

After Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet, which allegedly violated its airspace, the Syrian crisis is escalating and is gradually revealing the actual strengths and weaknesses of key countries involved and the underlying issues at stake on the international scene.
The question of whether the decision to down the Russian jet is motivated by the […]

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State of the Energy Union shows ever strong energy interconnectivity and more

Aggregate (gas, oil, and coal) country specific concentration index

A good degree of diversification of import sources and a balanced energy mix appears when considering the EU as a whole. Over the 2005-2013 period, a small concentration of import sources has been added.


Energy and transport related taxes in the EU, % of GDP, 2012

In 2012, energy […]