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Doha oil meeting ends without a deal to freeze production

Hopes on the part of investors, oil companies and oil exporting nations for a negotiated “freeze” in global output melted away on Sunday after 16 major petroleum producers meeting in Doha, Qatar failed to reach an agreement, possibly setting the stage for further weakness in crude oil prices.

Source:  The Washington Post, 2016/04/17

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Argentina’s return to markets several times subscribed

Latin American country ends a 15-year exile from the international debt market.

Source:  Financial Times, 2016/04/18

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El Niño: Feeling the heat

Latin American country ends a 15-year exile from the international debt market

Source:  FT, 2016/04/18

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Argentina aims for $5 bln investment in renewable energy by 2018

Argentina aims to rake in $5 billion in investments in renewable energy by 2018 with the goal of reducing its energy deficit, a government official told Reuters, as hopes for near-term increased output from the Vaca Muerta shale field fade.

Source:  Reuters, 2016/04/11

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Argentina flags up risks ahead of bond sale

Marketing documents for Argentina’s multibilliondollar bond sale underscored its fraught relationship with creditors and history of default, as the country prepared investors for an offering as soon as next week.

Source:  FT, 2016/04/12

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Argentina’s YPF Ousts ‘’Magician’’ In Favor Of Banker

As Argentina tries its luck as the next potential venue for a shale boom, the country’s new government goes for a major overhaul of the state-run oil giant, YPF, ousting its president, splitting the position into two and replacing him with a banker.

Source:, 2016/03/15

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Argentina Debt Deal Poised to Deliver Big Payday to Holdouts

Argentina has reached a preliminary agreement to end one of the longest and most contentious battles over government debt in history, potentially handing a big payday to hedge funds that held out for a decade and a half.

Source:  WSJ, 2016/02/29

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Argentina – Gov’t seeks energy self-sufficiency in six to eight years

The national government hopes the country will become energy self-sufficient within the next six to eight years, largely thanks to the use of renewable energy, Energy Minister Juan José Aranguren said yesterday, hinting that the Mauricio Macri administration is working on increasing natural gas prices. “Our objective is to achieve energy security and have access […]

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Record investments in the renewables but…

In 2015, more than USD 320 billion were invested in the renewable energy field around the world (source: Bloomberg). This mark is a new record and has to be saluted given the low price environment of conventional fossil fuels (crude oil, natural gas and coal altogether). It represents a 4% increase compared to 2014 and […]

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We’ll cry for you, Argentina!

The Rugby World Cup ended last Saturday, so the time of sport metaphors is not over yet… and that suits me perfectly, because after the terrible Australian-Kiwi challenge with climate change, Argentina offered last week the perfect example of their ambition and boldness in that very same field. Indeed, while the Pumas were offering an […]

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