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Monthly Scoreboard – Summary

CountryReview DateBeyond Ratings UPDATED scoreUPDATED ST TrendUPDATED LT TrendUPDATED Key sensitivity factorsLatest Gvt. Benchmark 5Y
AlgeriaFeb. 2016EE-negativenegativeInternational oil price / Domestic energy price reform / Terrorism risks / International cooperationNA
AustraliaApr. 2016EEE-negativestableInternational coal price / International oil price / International climate negotiation, policy risks and stranded assets risks / Geopolitical position as stable energy supplier in Asia2,151
AustriaFeb. 2016EE+stablestableInternational oil price / Development of international supply infrastructures / Impact of climate change on hydro / international reserves-0,334
BelgiumFeb. 2016EEpositivenegativeInternational oil price / nuclear plant lifetime policy / French energy policy / geopolitical impact of nuclear phase-out-0,302
BrazilMar. 2016EEnegativestableEnergy sector governance / Energy discoveries / Evolution of oil revenues in CAB / Tax collection capacity / International price of oil and currency valuation / Institutional stability14,05
CanadaDec. 2015EEEstablepositiveU.S. monetary policy / Capital flows to the hydrocarbons industry and energy prices / Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership outcome / Development towards new exports markets / Evolution of the energy policiy in the wake of the new Trudeau's government / Non-energy part of the CAB / International reserves0,759
CanadaMar. 2016EEEnegativestableU.S. monetary policy / Capital flows to the hydrocarbons industry and energy prices / Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership outcome / Development towards new exports markets / Evolution of the energy policiy in the wake of the new Trudeau's government / Non-energy part of the CAB / International reserves0,713
ChinaApr. 2016EEstablestableInternational oil prices / Stability of international oil & gas flows / Ability to build domestic energy transport infrastructure / Nuclear programme development / Collaboration with Russia over gas supply /Trend of international reserves / energy imports ratio / social tensions / implementation of policies to diversify the power mix2,651
Czech RepublicApr. 2016EE+stablestableInternational oil price / Nuclear policy (lifetime extension of current reactors and planning of new reactors) / Russia geopolitics / Economic ties with Europe and evolution of the economic relation with Germany / Energy poverty / coal industry future0,123
DenmarkFeb. 2016EEEstablepositiveDecline of domestic O&G production / Development of electric cars charging points / Power infrastructure policy / Artic resources geopolitics / track record of tech-innovations-0,055
FinlandApr. 2016EEE-stablepositiveInternational price of oil / Geopolitical relationship with Russia / Proactivity of energy policies / Energy trade balance
FranceMar. 2016EE-stablenegativeInternational oil prices / Renewables regulatory framework / Climate-related international initiatives / Nuclear programme evolution / Energy- and climate-related social tensions / Energy trade balance / International reserves & liquidity trend / Debt management & trend-0,1573
GermanyApr. 2016EEE-stablenegativeAbility to implement a smooth transition from the actual EEG tax and renewable feed-in tariffs / Financial and economic robustness of main German utilities / International oil prices / Technical rollout of electrical grid upgrade to ensure efficient inclusion of a higher share of renewable electricity / Germany political credit within the EU / Governance of energy transition-0,359
GreeceApr. 2016E+stablepositiveEconomic growth trend / Debt management & trend / Socio-political unstability, unemployment / Geopolitical relationship with Turkey / Gas pipelines routes negotiations / Bilateral relations with Russia / International oil prices
Hong KongApr. 2016EEstablestableMainland China authorities energy initiatives / Evolution of sensitive energy-related issues between China and neighbouring countries / Management of air quality challenges and consequences in terms of energy-climate / Policies/governance/constraints, as well as in terms of diversification of the energy mix... / Evolution of the non-energy trade balance
HungaryFeb. 2016EE-stablestableInternational oil price / Evolution in the nuclear field / EU-Russia relationship2,38
IndiaFeb. 2016E+stablestableInternational oil price / stability in the Ormuz straight / Monitoring of the 12th 5Y plan / India-Iran relationship / population access to electricity / Currency volatility7,728
IndonesiaApr. 2016EE+stablestableDevelopment of gas supply infrastructure on Java and Sumatra / Effectiveness and comprehensiveness of domestic energy prices reform / Diversification of non-energy linked government revenues / Political stability in energy rich regions
IrelandFeb. 2016EE-stablestableInternational oil price / Wind and wave energy policy & initiatives / geopolitics of UK imports / energy poverty-0,02
IsraelApr. 2016EE+positivepositiveInternational oil price / Results achieved in energy efficiency and electro-mobility / Negotiations / tensions around gas exploration in Eastern Mediterranean / Middle East geopolitics / Options for gas exports
ItalyMar. 2016EE-stablestableInternational oil price / Electricity pricing policy / Evolution of energy tax exemptions and subsidies / Evolution of current account balance and international reserves / Implementation of the economic policy (budget impacts)0,282
JapanFeb. 2016EEstablestableInternational oil price / Nuclear policy evolution / Regional stability (Ormuz/Malacca) / relationship with China-0,223
JordanMar. 2016EpositivestableInternational oil & gas prices / Developments of gas importing infrastructures / Confirmation of the construction of the first Qasr Amra nuclear reactor planned in 2016 / Diversification of energy sources / Social stability & refugee crisis management4,481
LuxembourgFeb. 2016EEE-stablestableInternational oil price / Automotive fuels tax reforms / Neighbors power mix / Oil stock management / Supply diversificationNA
MalaysiaFeb. 2016EEE-stablestableInternational gas price / Domestic energy price reform / Development of gas importing capacities / Local geopolitics / Climate change exposure / Petronas3,351
MexicoMar. 2016EE+stablestableResults from oil & gas exploration / Regulatory framework for diversification of energy mix / Evolution as regional/global geopolitical weight as non-OPEC producer / Governance of the energy reform / Crime/corruption impacts on energy policies / Climate risks / Energy reforms and impacts (volume effects…) / Non-energy trade balance / International reserves / Energy prices / Energy markets opening to foreign investments2,56
MoroccoFeb. 2016E+stablepositiveInternational oil price / Solar & Wind development / Western Sahara conflict / Agriculture / Domestic energy production2,839
NetherlandsApr. 2016EEE-negativestableInternational oil price / Groningen gas field production and depletion / Energy trade balance
New ZealandApr. 2016EEE-positivestableOil price / Climate drought recurrence / Gas reserve depletion / Agricultural exports
NigeriaApr. 2016EE-negativestableInternational oil & gas prices / Domestic gas price reform / Level of subsidies / Energy infrastructure investments / Internal tensions & conflicts (Boko Haram)
PakistanMar. 2016EnegativestableInternational oil & gas prices / Energy domestic prices reform / Nuclear program advances / Development of energy import infrastructures6,964
PolandFeb. 2016EEstablestableInternation oil price / Gas transit countries security / EU carbon policy / Russia-EU relationship / Implementation of diversification2,219
PortugalMar. 2016E+stablestableInternational oil price / Capacity to implement ambitious energy strategy, esp regarding REN / Energy trade balance / Greece domino effect1,469
QatarFeb. 2016EEE-stablestableInternational oil price / Gas exports capacities from the US / Iran negotiations round / geopolitics / OPEC2,751
RussiaFeb. 2016EEEnegativestableInternational oil price / Currency / Capital flows / Fiscal breakeven oil price / Public expenditures rigidity / EU-Russia relationships / Turkey-Russia relationships / Level of international reserves9,76
Saudi ArabiaMar. 2016EE+negativestableInternational oil price / Domestic governance (decision-making processes, pressure for reform...) / Results from exploration of domestic gas resources / Negotiations with international nuclear technology suppliers / Stability of international oil flows / Evolution of power mix / GeopoliticsNA
SingaporeApr. 2016EE+stablestableEnergy price volatility in international markets / Trajectory of public debt / International reserves vs. energy imports ratio / Evolution of power mix
SloveniaMar. 2016EEstablestableInternational oil price / Status of the second nuclear reactor project / Effectiveness of hydro policy / Energy interconnections evolution / Energy poverty risks / Implementation of the 2014 New Energy Act / International reserves / energy imports ratio / Energy trade balance and total CAB / Energy prices0,39
South AfricaMar. 2016EE-negativestableInternational coal price / Electricity power and grid structural failures / Risks of social instability/unrest / Evolution of international reserves / energy imports / Energy policy's consistency8,655
South KoreaApr. 2016EEstablestableOil & gas price volatility in international markets / Geo-political tensions over energy supply routes / Nuclear program development / Level of energy subsidies / Evolution of energy demand
SpainMar. 2016EE-stablestableInternational oil price / Shale gas exploration and exploitation / Solar and wind investments / Separatists movements0,368
SwedenApr. 2016EEEpositivepositiveInternational oil price / Renewables regulatory framework / Evolution of the planned nuclear phase-out, related controversies and plans to develop alternatives / Russia relationship
SwitzerlandMar. 2016EEE+stablestableInternational oil price / Outcome of the review of the Energy Strategy 2050 / Nuclear phase-out / Strong dependance from EU countries for energy transport-0,775
ThailandFeb. 2016EE-stablestableInternational oil price / Domestic energy prices reform / Kra Isthmus canal / Political stability / Energy cooperation (Myanmar, Malaysia)1,61
TurkeyApr. 2016EE-stablestableInternational oil price evolution / Stability of international oil & gas flows / Development of international oil & gas infrastructure (Russia, Middle East, Caucasus) / Diversification of the pace of energy supply / Political stability evolution / Level of debt service / Relationship with Russia
UAEMar. 2016EEE-stablestableInternational oil price, OPEC policies and price/volume effects / Construction of nuclear plants / Iran nuclear negotiations outcome / Evolution of the country's geopolitical position/negotiating power as energy exporter / Progress towards energy diversification goals and ambition of new policies / Access to more advanced technologies (and cooperation with IOCs…) / Evolution of non-energy trade balanceNA
UKFeb. 2016EE+stablenegativeInternational oil price / International LNG market balance / International climate talks / Scottish independence movement / fossil fuel geopolitics (declining production) / International reserves / Renewable energy production / Brexit0,742
USAMar. 2016EE+stablestableInternational oil price / Monetary policy and capital flows to hydrocarbon industry / Hydrocarbon export policy and infrastructure developments / Energy issues governance at federal level / Climate change impacts at state level / Non-energy part of the CAB / International reserves / Energy-related conflicts1,3805