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Carbon pricing world map












Source: I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics. The Paris Agreement: a new international framework to facilitate the uptake of carbon pricing. April 2016.

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Numerous Countries Are Moving to Reform Fossil-Fuel Subsidies












Source: World Bank (IBRD 41500, March 2015). Decarbonizing Development, Three Steps to a Zero-Carbon Future. June 2015.

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Solar energy potential in the European Union: Portugal and Spain at an advantage even in comparison with Italy and Greece

Source: Stratego (Co-funded by the IEE Programme of the European Union). Peta, the Pan-European Thermal Atlas: renewable energy. As of April 2016.

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Energy Technologies and Water Stress

Source: World Energy Council. World energy perspectives 2016 

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GDP impact of the renewable energy extension

About IRENA: IRENA is an intergovernmental association. It rallies 176 countries: 145 members and 31 associated.  Its task is to promote the adaption and the sustainable us of renewable energy.

This study analyses the possible links between energy system and the world’s economy.

The aim is to quantify the socio-economic benefits of renewable energy, according to their […]

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World Economic Forum’s Energy architecture performance index

Source: World Economic Forum. Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2016. March 2016.

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LNG and gas infrastructure in Canada

Location and status of planned LNG terminals and NEB approval in Canada

This map is without prejudice to the status of or sovereignty over any territory, to the delimitation of international frontiers and boundaries and to the name of any territory, city or area.
Source: Government of Canada (2014) in. IEA. Energy Policies of IEA Countries. 2015 […]

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Projections of Water Stress in 2020 under Business-as-Usual Climate and Socioeconomic Scenarios

Challenges associated with the water-energy nexus are especially pronounced in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the United States, and China, due to the level of water stress and the scale of energy production and consumption in these regions. MENA, which already faces extremely high water stress, relies on energy-intensive desalination to meet industrial, […]

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The greatest global risks in 2016, by region

Regional concerns vary widely, while on a global level, the risk of failure of climate change mitigation and adaption ranks number one as the greatest global risk in terms of impact, moving up from its position as the 5th greatest risk in 2015.
Source: World Economic Forum. The Global Risks Report 2016, 11th Edition. January 15, […]

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LNG receiving terminals in Europe

Operational, under construction and planned/under study LNG terminals in Europe

Source: GLE. In: MC. Ifri. Aoun, S. Cornot-Gandolphe. The European Gas Market looking for its golden age? October 2015.

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