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Graph Analysis

Energy and mining investment

Capital investment in the energy and mining sectors contracted sharply in 2015 amid weaker commodity prices. Countries where energy and mining exports accounted for a larger share of GDP tended to experience weaker investment growth during 2014–15.

Source: IMF. World Economic Outlook. April 2016.

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Global Light-Duty EV Sales Surged 80% In 2015, Up To 565,668

Global plug-in light vehicle sales, 2011-2015.

Source: Clean Technica. Argonne National Laboratory: Global Light-Duty EV Sales Surged 80% In 2015, Up To 565,668. April 2016.

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Frequency of references to “China” and “Global” vs. “Dollar” in Janet Yellen’s speeches

Sources: Federal Reserve, DB Global Market Research ; In: Gulf Times. Q1: the rockiest of rides for markets. April 2016.

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Global new investment in renewable energy: split by type of economy, 2004-2015, USD bn

Source: Frankfurt School-UNEP Centre/BNEF. Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2016. March 2016.

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Commodity Share in Exports and Exchange Rate Volatility

Source: BIS. BIS Working Papers No 551 – When the Walk is not Random: Commodity Prices and Exchange Rates. March 2016.

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Illustration of Variable Costs of Power Plants with CO2 Costs

Source: Stranded Assets in the Utilities Sector as Europe Moves to a Low Carbon Society

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UK energy production – annual growth

Source: UK Department of Energy & Climate Change. UK energy statistics – 2015 provisional data. March 2016.

“Primary energy production rose by 9.0 per cent on a year earlier to 123.1 million tonnes of oil equivalent. This increase, the first since 1999, was due to rises in oil and gas output. Low carbon energy production rose by 13.8 […]

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Age distribution of operating nuclear reactors worldwide as of August 2013

Source: Derived from IAEA, 2013. In: OECD ; NEA. Costs of Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants. 2016.

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Forecast of new energy capacity additions (IEA)

Source: Morgan Stanley. A Changing Climate: The Fossil Fuel Debate. February 2016.

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Migration estimates related to climate change

Source: Professor Andrew Geddes. The University of Sheffield. Climate Change and Migration: Overview of the Scientific Evidence. February 2016.

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