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  • Energy and Mining investment_IMF_WEO April 2016

Energy and mining investment

April 19th, 2016

  • Carbon pricing world map - I4CE - 15.04.2016

Carbon pricing world map

April 19th, 2016

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The fiscal cost of the oil shock

The IMF has recently released its April 2015 Fiscal Monitor in which it analyses the fiscal impact of lower oil prices.
The April 2015 World Economic Outlook (Uneven Growth: Short- and […]

Selling the crown jewels… till when?

Italy and Greece had paved the way in 2011 when the sovereign crisis hit hard. The governments conjured up the idea to sell national treasures such as islands or historical […]

Any given Sunday?

This week-end news flow was intense in the energy business as many decisions were expected to be made all over the world regarding fossil fuel producers. But the outcome of […]

What do you know that we don’t, OPEC?

As you probably noticed all, the barrel price rebounded since mid-February, leading to a WTI crude rallying from USD 26.21/b (on Feb. 11th) to USD 41.50/b (on April 14th) and […]

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Doha oil meeting ends without a deal to freeze production

Hopes on the part of investors, oil companies and oil exporting nations for a negotiated “freeze” in global output melted away on Sunday after 16 […]

Argentina’s return to markets several times subscribed

Latin American country ends a 15-year exile from the international debt market.

Source:  Financial Times, 2016/04/18

IMF warns world economy growing too slowly

The “increasingly disappointing” world economy is facing the threat of a “synchronised slowdown” and mounting risks including another bout of financial market turmoil and a […]

El Niño: Feeling the heat

Latin American country ends a 15-year exile from the international debt market

Source:  FT, 2016/04/18

Saudi Rating Cut for First Time at Fitchon Lower Oil Prices

The kingdom’s rating was lowered one level to AA-, the fourth-highest investment grade, the rating agency said on Tuesday. It maintained a negative outlook for […]

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